Revolutionary New App Creates Micro-commitment Surveys In Less Than 5 Minutes... The Future of intelligent customer engagement and lead acquisition is Now!

We take this proven concept and turned it into a powerhouse solution for facebook, mobile, and the web.

A Complete Marketing Intelligence System In The Cloud...

Social Survey App is the Tool the Boring Old Survey Companies don't WANT YOU to KNOW About. Built from the ground up, a cutting edge cloud based platform with video surveys, audio surveys, voice recording functions, logic based questions and a lot more...

...And you can set it up in 3 Simple Steps...

Step 1

Just log in and choose one from many pre-designed templates, or create your own with our template builder and image library. Choose from many different question types to set up your survey, from video questions, image questions through to star ratings and text boxes and so much more...

Step 2

Decide how you want to incentivize the survey completion. Social Survey App lets you redirect them to a URL, download a file or show video content after they enter their email. All you do is add your autoresponder integration, in a simplified step. 

Step 3

Preview your survey to make sure you like it then hit publish, & Boom! Instantly live it goes with our special Magic URL and can be viewed on the web, mobile, tablets and inside a Facebook page tab. You are now ready to run your survey and reap the rewards!

Social Survey App Distinctive Features:


Powerful conditional survey system. Send users to different questions depending on answers they choose. Set surveys to appear and run only during the time-frame you choose. Function to give users different bonuses and prizes based on their answers


Cloud based app dashboard to create surveys that run on any website, can be embedded into WordPress too.


Reach more people through their favorite device, with a simple Facebook friendly shortcode for mobile viewers. The built in "Magic URL" system bypasses the problem of FB Page Tabs not working on mobile.



Works with all major autoresponders to build your list directly from your surveys, without complex landing pages, using your favorite autoresponder.


Groundbreaking voice feedback function so users can record audio feedback within your survey, and you can listen to it in the dashboard. And users can listen to the survey questions in several languages.


Video surveys: embed videos anywhere you like as questions, and more, to ensure maximum engagement. 



Retargeting integration to target users based on their responses, what questions they answered and whether or not they completed the survey


Edit the look and feel of your surveys by adding content images and choosing your favorite bg colours. Over 440000 high-quality photos, illustrations, and vector graphics you can use directly in the app with our built-in image search tool.


Built in “business intelligence” system of analytics with graphs, charts & a detailed response breakdown. Fully exportable in Excel.

Elegant, Dynamic, Intelligent - Social Survey App Campaign 

A next-generation micro-commitment survey app that works on FB, Web and Mobile from one link, using our smart URL technology.

Using groundbreaking animation technology transition from question to question is seamless, and fast, ensuring you get maximum conversions.

Here is the fact...

Social Survey App lets you look into the mind of your customers and prospects. If you do not know your customers, you are flying blind. It's time to tear the blindfold away and start marketing smarter. Let me put it this way... If you asked people exactly what they wanted and got their email you think it is going to be pretty easy to make what they just told you they wanted, then sell it to them?...of course it is!

 Social Survey App lets you have these Conversations On Autopilot! No more sales COLD calls...No more “Shot in the Dark” No more BLIND emails or paid ads...No more guessing...

It Doesn't Matter what you're Selling...

Social Survey App takes the Guesswork out of your Marketing and turns your Efforts into a Guided Missile Attack. And the cool thing is, people will be happy to hear from you. If they tell you what they want, then you give it to them... well, it doesn’t get much simpler than that, does it?... It's hard to fail with tools like this at your command!

Social Survey App make it practically impossible for people not to opt-in by using a powerful system of micro-commitments. By showing visitors a Social Survey app with engaging steps that include images, audio, videos and make sure people go right through the process and with each step, they are more and more likely to do your bidding... especially if you use our giveaway system to reward them with a bonus.


Whether you decide to invest in Social Survey App or not, surveys will remain every marketer's secret to see through their customer's mind. You know surveys work. The difference is... with Social Survey App that is highly equipped with powerful micro-commitments... you can dramatically BOOST your Business without the Usual boring and guessing games of the traditional survey companies...  

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