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Well...ONE PART of "Link Supercharging" is about making it SUPER EASY & SUPER QUICK to set up click friendly links (Both Cloaked and Uncloaked). But it goes WAY beyond that! Link Supercharger 2.0 makes it possible to get more traffic, boost your images and brand and pull in MAXIMUM affiliate commissions... (and so much more...) 

A raw affiliate link might look like this:

But to look like a Pro you should use a "redirected" link like this:

NOT only does the second link LOOK a lot more professional, it is also cloaking the fact that it is an affiliate link and your affiliate link won't even show after the visitor has clicked it. Can also track hits, change the destination web page at any time and get more clicks. You can as well say goodbye to lost commissions forever!

NOTE: You should always check first the terms of the site you are linking to as some do not approve of cloaked links. In this situation, you simply hit the "Uncloaked" button inside Link Supercharger2.0 and create an equally nice looking Uncloaked redirect link!)

Here is The What Industry Recognized Users Are Saying:

Dave Nicholson

"Link Supercharger is a 'Must Have'!"

It's SO EASY to install, Does what it says on the box, and has a host of EXTRA features that EVERY Marketer will Love! (The SEO'd Hot Pages and Social Options are Pure Genius!

Great Job, I know Link Supercharger will be a 'Must Have' for anyone marketing online and I have no hesitation recommending it to everyone I know!

"Plain & Simple Works Right Out Of The Box!" 

Looking forward to using Link Supercharger. I've used similar products for years, but I have to use multiple programs to get the functionality that is already built into linkSupercharger...

Even better it just plain and simple WORKS right out of the box"

Simon Hodgkinson

Here Comes The Powerful Features of Link SuperCharger 2.0:

LS 2.0 Distinctive Features:


Installs In Seconds! Link Supercharger 2.0 completely bypasses the need for complicated installations, no databases or complex setup involved – You can be up and running in less than 3 minutes…


Fully Editable Links: This function lets you switch your link destinations when-ever you like. Searchable listings in case you forget what you called your Supercharged links


Everything under your own control. Better than regular link shortening services which you have NO control over and that do NOTHING to BRAND you or your own domain…



More than just link redirects… Ability to create multiple ‘Hot Pages’ of your links based on your category/date choices. Push button simple to create, this is an easy way to maximum clicks…


Simple 1-click Social Sharing for even more Traffic & Commissions: This function lets you add your links to your favourite social pages like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more...


Link Tracking: This shows you how many times your links have been clicked, enabling you to measure conversion rates and the popularity of your links with your list and site visitors…



This video walks you through the super fast way to install Link Supercharger 2.0 onto your hosting account – All it takes is just a couple of minutes and I’ll show you how easy it is to do inside the video…


Build a complete page and add it with no uploading, no ftp and no cPanel. Use our Easy SEO features to help your links and pages get ranked in Search Engines. Copy the raw links for use in Emails and Blogs. Grab the HTML to use on download & bonus pages... Share your pages quickly with our 1-click Social Sharing buttons!


A step-by-step overview of all the key features of the software, just watch along with me and see how to set up your very first link, create a Hot Page and manage the powerful Social Sharing functions…

More Benefit of Using Link Supercharger 2.0 is a Built in 'Tracking' facility!

This shows you how many times your link has been clicked, allowing you to work out conversion rates and the popularity of your Supercharged link with your list or blog readers! It even allows you to create different links for the same product so you can "split-test" them! And they look so much nicer and more professional than using the spammers choice, online URL shortening services that is:

  • Not editable
  • Used by many spammers
  • Creates Ugly Random links which are impossible to remember 
  • and are obvious promotional links rather than a simple friendly link you may wish to convey to your readers.
  • Links like ... (The list goes-on...)

Worst Still... YOU Have NO Control Over What was SUPPOSED to be Your MONEY LINKS... neither do they BRAND YOU Or Your DOMAIN!


Whether you decide to invest in Link Supercharger or not, links redirects and cloaking will remain every pro marketer's secret to MAX COMMISSION. The difference is... with Link SuperCharger2.0 that is highly equiped with NEW FEATURES & hosted on your domain... you will be instantly eliminating all those 'third party' services risks!

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